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Trump launches re-election bid as United States readies new travel ban

Preston Stone | 22 February, 2017, 14:14

In the other eight surveys included in the average of the 11 presidential approval rating polls conducted since January 31, Trump's disapproval ratings top his approval numbers.

When Obama became president in 2009, the USA was in the midst of its worst recession since the 1930s, with the economy shedding 800,000 jobs in his first month.

One thing that both Ker and Duty have noticed about Trump's first 30 days in office is his use of signing executive orders to get things done.

Trump has lurched from crisis to crisis since the inauguration, including the botched rollout of his immigration order, struggles confirming his Cabinet picks and a near-constant stream of reports about strife within his administration. Then, Flynn said that he could not remember if he talked about sanctions.

While Flynn's loyalties and integrity are now in doubt, at least he provided Trump the security of having a competent person by his side, a luxury he no longer has. He also pointed out that he won the election but to the news media their childish behavior was to attack again with "fake news"!

On President's Day, many throughout the country voiced their disapproval of the Trump Administration, one of several protests since he took office.

The most notable achievement of Trump's first month is that his administration is being investigated by numerous congressional committees for potential collusion with Russian Federation during the 2016 election. What is unique in this case is the leaking of the conversation to the media and the active effort within the massive federal bureaucracy to harm the Trump presidency.

Trump, at his 77-minute news conference, said the WikiLeaks disclosures were different because they were not classified material, as was the content of the Flynn-Kislyak calls.

But that doesn't mean the new chief executive needn't get his act together and put aside his differences with those who have dedicated their lives to providing him and us with the information needed for our security.

He apparently made a decision to have the press conference after seeing many media accounts that described his administration as beset with problems.

Instead of probing the leaks or the bureaucratic resistance to the new president, the mainstream media is focusing on the Russian connection and speculating if Donald Trump is being blackmailed. Allen also reported the White House lifestyle is giving the president headaches. Those Defense Department documents gave evidence that President Lyndon Johnson's administration systematically lied to Congress and the public about the Vietnam War.

Trump quoted Jefferson, saying, "Nothing can be believed which is seen in a newspaper".

Democrats want answers in the wake of former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn's resignation and reports that Trump campaign aides communicated with Russian officials. A lot of people are questioning his mental health. His great pleasure in being stroked with Putin's compliments indicated that Trump didn't actually know him. "When and if he breaks the law, that is when something like that would come up. And he has had a tremendous career", Trump said.

"I have kept my promise to the American people by nominating a justice of the United States Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch".

FILE - The Trump International Hotel at 1100 Pennsylvania Ave. Witness one of the angry tweets he sent out Thursday morning: "The Democrats had to come up with a story as to why they lost the election, and so badly (306), so they made up a story - Russian Federation".

Allen Ji did not agree with this idea. "It's really hard to know how this is going to play out". As an global student, Ji said he is still figuring out what is going on with Trump.


  • Trump Supporters Rally on President's Day

    The rally is being organized by Main Street Patriots , a grassroots organization with the slogan, "It's not about left or right". Breitbart News , a conservative website with ties to the Trump administration, first reported on the pro-Trump rallies.

    Netanyahu held secret meeting with US, Arab leaders

    It is bad enough that Mr Netanyahu's government is deepening the occupation with a big new push to settle more Jews on Arab land. Security Council resolution condemning Israel, despite the US abstention. "We are old friends, Singapore and Israel", he stated.
    Anthony Davis named NBA All-Star Game MVP

    Anthony Davis named NBA All-Star Game MVP

    Oh, and count Charles Barkley among fellow hall of fame players Isaiah Thomas and Reggie Miller who believe in the young Nuggets . And a louder cheer came not long afterward when Beyonce and Jay Z got on-screen. "It's the All-Star (Weekend)", he said.
  • Burnley boss Sean Dyche: There can be no excuses

    Missiles appeared to be thrown by both sets of supporters while police horses were called upon to defuse the situation. Millwall could be in trouble over a crowd invasion after the final whistle though.

    Ice Cube & Charlie Day Ready To Throw Down In 'Fist Fight'

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    Sheriff lifts evacuation order for residents near California dam

    Sheriff lifts evacuation order for residents near California dam

    Currently, the lake level is 3.5 metres below capacity and dropping, and water has ceased flowing over the emergency spillway. With more rain coming and a massive snow pack piling up, the state's reservoirs and dams are being pushed to the limit.
  • 'My organisation's running like a fine-tuned machine', says Donald Trump

    'My organisation's running like a fine-tuned machine', says Donald Trump

    When asked whether the leaks are real or fake news, he replied , "The leaks are absolutely real". At the news conference, Mr Trump said Mr Flynn was "doing his job and I agreed with him".

    Garrett and Freedom Caucus release plan to replace Obamacare

    In fact, as I pointed out to him, numerous ideas in my plan came from bills he has offered in the past as a member of Congress. Without many choices, that would drive up costs for consumers and likely have devastating political consequences Republicans .

    Not conceding key to beat Arsenal, says Bayern's Hummels

    Keown, who won three league titles under Wenger, suggested this was the nadir of the 67-year-old's reign. Bild awarded Robben, Lewandowski and Thiago top marks, but arguably the biggest victor was Ancelotti.
  • Jio crosses 100 million customer base, Mukesh Ambani launches Prime offer

    Jio Prime Membership programme, the initiative is applicable for all existing Jio users and new customers until March 31st, 2017. Reliance Jio Infocom said from today itself Uber will gradually roll out the JioMoney payment option across the country.

    The Walking Dead 7.10 Review - 'New Best Friends'

    The next day, Daryl leaves the Kingdom for the Hilltop to help get the people there ready for the upcoming fight. It might require something more dramatic and devastating to move the Kingdom to stop being so Switzerland.
    House Republicans Unveil Bullet Points for Obamacare Repeal

    House Republicans Unveil Bullet Points for Obamacare Repeal

    On one hand, this is logical: Health insurance premiums go up as you get older.  You may not qualify for continued coverage . Pearson at Avalere says the combined actions by HHS and the IRS could lead healthy people to drop their insurance coverage.

Australia ready for 'big challenge' against India: Lyon Australia ready for 'big challenge' against India: Lyon Things didn't go according to plan there, but as a captain I've learnt a bit about how to go about things in the subcontinent. At home, their unbeaten streak goes all the way back to 2012-13 since when they have played 20 Tests, won 17 and drawn three.

Former Suns, Kings guard Thomas thinks video game would block Cousins trade It will be interesting to see how these two players work together on the floor and if they create some good chemistry. Cousins was selected to the American Family Insurance ALL-USA first team in 2009 at Leflore High in Mobile (Ala.).

'The Bachelor' Recap: A Bombshell Visitor Shows Up After the Hometown Dates I got a little choked up with relief - and I don't even know these people - because it was such a genuine and intimate moment. A second ATV materializes out of nowhere so that Nick and "fun, sexy, smart" Raven can race each other through a soggy field.

DeMarcus Cousins Traded To New Orleans Pelicans DeMarcus Cousins Traded To New Orleans Pelicans Stories in recent weeks said Cousins, whose contract expires after next season, meant to sign a long-term extension in Sacramento. That is likely because Cousins becomes a rental for New Orleans, as he is not eligible for the new Designated Player Extension.

NBA All-Star game 2017 NBA All-Star game 2017 West center DeAndre Jordan heard them, rising from his seat on the West bench to yell "No, no, no" back in their direction. The numbers have been pretty good - I believe we're flat year to year but we added more games on Monday nights.

Seven Queens Undocumented Immigrants Among Those Arrested By ICE Seven Queens Undocumented Immigrants Among Those Arrested By ICE Outlets failed to report Medina was targeted because of his alleged "gang member" status, Breitbart Texas reported. NM CAFE is now calling on local leaders to protect communities and clear up any confusion about immigrant rights.

Actions defend women's right to choose abortion About 60 people attended the Stand With Planned Parenthood rally in the Virginia Commonwealth University Student Commons Plaza. They know that Planned Parenthood does not serve the best interests of American women and families.

New Trump Rally Sounds Like Old Trump Rally A disabled veteran from Claremont, Florida, 60-year-old Cheryl Hall says she was a Trump campaign worker during the election. He used the platform to complain about the political press and to brag that his administration is a "fine-tuned machine".

Insane rumor suggests iPhone 8 will ditch Touch ID Apple's flagship smartphone this year, the iPhone 8, will have its breakthrough treatment on its body as per recent reports. One thing Sur notes is that the iPhone 8 will adopt a glass back, as has been rumored numerous times before.

'Logan': What the Critics Are Saying 'Logan': What the Critics Are Saying If you've ever wondered what Wolverine's claws would look like piercing literally any part of the body, look no further. And, if this really is Hugh Jackman's last ride as the Wolverine, this is as honorable a finale as one could hope for.

Kim Jong Nam 'loved KL nightlife, had Singapore girlfriend' How exactly did he die? Malaysian authorities have conducted an autopsy but have not yet released the results. Although police have detained three suspects, the hand behind the assassination remains unknown.

CPS sues governor for equal funding After turning briefly to Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan, Rauner said Madigan had quipped: "It's the Russians". The Republican gave his third budget address Wednesday and called for a "hard cap" on spending to force frugality.

'Day Without Immigrants' protests being held in Denver Sushi bars, Brazilian steakhouses, Mexican eateries and Thai and Italian restaurants all turned away lunchtime customers. Organizers in Philadelphia told the Associated Press they expect hundreds of workers and families to participate.

More than 680 arrested in targeted nationwide ICE operations More than 680 arrested in targeted nationwide ICE operations They also rejected the idea that ICE was acting no differently under Trump than it did under former President Barack Obama. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Atlanta area of operations, which includes Georgia, North Carolina and SC .

UConn Women's Basketball Team Records 100 UConn Women's Basketball Team Records 100 What's the deal with RU and Stringer's contract extension? So, of all players coming out of college, they were the best three. We don't have a magic formula, we don't go into a lab and conjure up and mix up things and come up with Young Frankenstein.