Thursday, 15 November, 2018

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Oscar Perry

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Preston Stone
Category: Business
A top 0.5% company, for your memoir or a novel you've been planning for years, or for a business book, we simply know what needs to be said. Whether you have an idea in your head or a book you can't quite finish; we're here to help with your writing. Maybe your book needs a bit of a polish or is finished but you want a fresh pair of eyes; we are here to help with your editing. Whatever your needs, including advice on publishing. We can help you realize your dreams and make your book a reality. Books are our passion and this very much encompasses helping and coaching new writers. For the business side of our work, such as writing and editing business books, we offer over 35 years business experience, across areas such as organizational change, business transformation and leadership.

Felix Bryan
Category: Life&Culture
I've been a manager, editor and print/computerized fashioner since 2006. Regardless of what substance you have personality a primary concern; I'll do my best to fulfill your needs. Previously, I've worked in book distributed, and on online and advanced substance. I deliver books, articles, blog entries, exercise manuals, intuitive PDFs and numerous more substance sorts.

Bessie Robbins
Category: IT&Software
I've been an editor, proofreader and print/digital designer since 2006. No matter what content you have in mind, I'll do my best to satisfy your needs. In the past, I've worked in book publishing, and on online and digital content. I produce books, articles, blog posts, workbooks, interactive PDFs and many more content types.

Mike Hodges
Category: Sci-tech
I am accessible for all intents and purposes day in and day out to deal with my clients. Having an in number foundation in client administration and undertaking administration as a normal everyday employment for a long time, I comprehend that timetables are critical. On the other hand, my energy is the innovative expressions. My brisk mind and dry cleverness regularly prompt short stories, site articles, copywriting, papers, sonnets, and other writing that make my perusers think and afterward giggle. Unique minutes are frequently found in my next painting. In this manner, regardless of in the event that you need assistance with CAD or hand drawings, viewpoint from a client administration supervisor, or a brisk story with a turn, I have the right stuff to address your issues from start to finish. I additionally behave in a way in which all experts ought to - with trustworthiness, respectability, and open correspondence being my managing light.

Jan Ortega
Category: Sports
I am available virtually 24-7 to take care of my customers. Having a strong background in customer service and project management as a day job for many years, I understand that schedules are important. However, my passion is the creative arts. My quick wit and dry humor often lead to short stories, blog articles, copywriting, essays, poems, and other prose that make my readers think and then laugh. Special moments are often found in my next painting. Therefore, no matter if you need help with CAD or hand drawings, perspective from a customer service manager, or a quick story with a twist, I have the skills to meet your needs from beginning to end. I also conduct myself in a manner in which all professionals should - with honesty, integrity, and open communication being my guiding light.

Lance Thomas
Category: Worldwide
A gifted web publicist with experience working for worldwide advertising firms, I'm here to help you and your business flourish on the web. I have some expertise in making drawing in web duplicate to support your organization's business and improve its web vicinity.

Ron Matthews
Category: Medicine
A talented web copywriter with experience working for international marketing firms, I'm here to help you and your business thrive online. I specialize in creating engaging web copy to boost your company's sales and enhance its web presence.

Roland Mccarthy
Category: US
Email: roland
I own a Bachelor in Marketing Management from Utrecht (the Netherlands) and have a considerable measure of working knowledge with worldwide organizations. My English abilities are brilliant and I have broad information in the field of advertising - outer correspondence (official statements, organization presentation) - inward correspondence (bulletin, organization magazine) occasion arranging, and venture administration. I am likewise extremely experienced with information investigation and answering to the administration board (deals observing, KPI-examination, business sector and contender exploration. I am an exceptionally energetic and persevering individual, with a center to the best results in business